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There is only truth in what happened to the two boys and the attempted hit and runs on Skyline on March 28, 2011. I suggest you check all your facts before you make an assertion of “lacking truth.” For an example, it was indeed reported to the police on Friday, April 1, at 4 p.m. Go have a look at the log entries for that day! The two minors, their parents and I met with two officers for close to 45 minutes at the police station on that day and at that time. The reason there isn’t an official report, because reports are only filed when an investigation can ensue. In this case because we didn’t have the license plate number of the vehicle or an accurate description of the driver they could not launch an official investigation. They did tell us that they would increase patrols up in the Skyline area after school during the week. (This is when the kids are home and may be skateboarding on Skyline, which is a legal and not banned hill.)  They also instructed the two minors to next time immediately call police. They told them in no uncertain terms what happened to them was a crime and in fact was a felony!
Again I suggest that you contact the police department, better yet walk in and ask to see the log entry’s for that date. After you have done so, forget apologizing to me and accusing me of lying, apologize to the two minors who were subjected to an atrocity by some idiot in a black Mercedes! Apologize to them for suggesting that they were lying!
Incidentally my twin sons will be making their bar mitzvah next year, so your reference to Adolf Hitler, and his “Mein Kampf” book, and the suggestion that our accounting of what took place on Skyline is an example of the “big lie”  propaganda is beyond despicable! Shame on you!
Kimberly OBrien-Young, Laguna Beach

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  1. Kirk Morgan

    Manfred Wolff, you wrote two ridiculous letters to the editors of the Indy and the Pilot last week. In one, you quote the New York Times (NY Times, Manfred, really?) saying”[w]hile Porsches and Mercedes precariously descend the windy canyon roads here at 25 miles per hour, the skateboarder bombs down at 40 sometimes even 60 mph”. I live on Temple Hills and everyone here knows the luxury cars go considerably faster than 25 MPH and are a much greater problem than anything else on these roads. Last week a woman drove her car off the road and right through my neighbors garage! That’s the 5th accident in 4 years by CARS within 100 feet of our driveway. She was probably a SNAG’er hurrying to her lawyer to sue someone for libel, Manfred, because my careful scientific research shows all SNAG’ers drive luxury cars and speed! In your second abuse of the english language you tried to work in Hitler to somehow associate our kids with a Nazi monster. Who’s working the propaganda mill and distorting truth now, eh Herr Wolff? Keep yer mitts off my mailbox, pal and slow your car down.

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