Academic Interference


Is it because one council member didn’t vote for three candidates or is it because the other council members didn’t vote for less than three candidates that Professor Navarro’s wife lost the re-appointment? (“A Demand to Rescind Political Appointments,” Oct. 29 edition)

Math was always my weak subject. I graduated from U.C.I. and I am still trying to understand why Professor Navarro has his panties in a bunch over this to the point of threatening a lawsuit.

Perhaps it is the fact the applicants that did get reappointed were less worthy than his wife because his wife is an architect and the others are dumb. Maybe the process of letting city council members vote at all is flawed.

Now there’s an idea: let’s just elect into office a city council that can’t vote. It worked for Stalin and we might be able to get the trains to run on time. Personally, I prefer my legally elected city representative to vote as her conscience directs without threats or duress. But then maybe no city government decisions should be made without the enlightened assistance of those in academia who know better because, well, they are just so much smarter.

I did appreciate the image of the city attorney “dancing on the head of a pin.” I’ve seen the city attorney. He is no lightweight but I doubt the angels would move over for him. I actually agree on one point, “this corrupt process needs to be clarified.” Perhaps the city could sponsor a seminar on clarity in “corrupt processes” to make it really clear. I would appreciate the info and it might improve the turnout in the next local election.


Cindalee Penney – Hall

Laguna Beach


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