Am I Antique or Historic?


Some of us architects were born in the ‘30s.  Our bodies have structure so I guess I’m historic. I sure don’t like to be cast aside because of my age, but let’s be realistic. I’m out of date!  Our wiring is a little loose, our plumbing is______.   We recognize our siding is cracked and peeling, our roof is getting bald, (I’m not sure if it leaks or not) and our foundation needs to be replaced.  The fact is we are dated!  At this age my structure is just not what it used to be.

Just bless me like the Pope does and then tear me down. No don’t! Wait! Maybe I should be called antique.  Just set me in a dusty corner someplace. I might not like it but I can watch from afar like I did at the historic committee last April 25.

Well, you can’t get rid of us historic guys quite so easy but you can get rid of some of those buildings that are eyesores. Like the rotten buildings that the city moved out in the canyon. The cost was phenomenal!  Or like the building the Public Works Department wants to demo in South Laguna so they won’t incur the heavy costs of moving a teardown. (The space is needed to put in a sewer line.)

Mr. Historic Committee chairman quit waving your arms around to stifle those that oppose to your agenda. You are a nice guy but get real! There is nothing historic there!  The only reason you have for historic is that one wall is old. Not good enough!

I have over 1,000 photos of true historic homes from L.A. and Orange County but I would never in my life consider putting its photo in with the others. The real historic houses would rebel!

The architectural and engineering community of this fair town if not the whole state would agree with me if they were to review the building structurally and esthetically.  It would not be worth saving!

As of the end of April I retired my license after 44 years but I’m not giving up the profession. Like many of my antique friends, I’m a student of architecture and its history and I love it!

James Lashley, Laguna Beach



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