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Re:  “Open letter to a Skateboarder,” July 27, sent by Anonymous

 Last week the Indy published a letter signed anonymously. This is unusual because this paper has a very strict rule regarding transparency and yet they bent the rule for this person. Especially so, with the ongoing debate here in town over skateboarders. If one is not prepared to give their name they have no business writing into the Indy with comments, suggestions, opinions etc.

Maybe the author withheld their name fearing possible retribution from the said skateboarder, and the “alleged” incident? Why else not give your name?

In reality if the incident occurred exactly as reported, what would anonymous fear? It sounds to me, based on Anonymous’s recollection of events, that the skateboarder was 100% in the wrong! Truth is the majority of the skateboarders in this town are amazing kids. Many of them are honor students. If the incident occurred exactly as Anonymous has recounted the skateboarder in question would have been apologetic and grateful to the driver. They most likely would have apologized for not paying attention and felt badly. Something doesn’t make sense. The anonymity doesn’t allow the incident to be followed. How convenient. Once again a negative report is made about a skateboarder. The skateboarder is made to look bad, and the driver the victim. Perhaps the skateboarder would give a different accounting of the event. They may have said the driver wasn’t paying attention or going too fast. We will never know because anonymous has robbed us of the opportunity for due process, and yet has added fuel for another negative spin on skateboarders.

Anonymous said “I’m not going to be able to drive down that street ever again without slowing down at the intersection and worrying about hitting a skateboarder!” I’m confused. Aren’t we supposed to be driving slowly and carefully in that intersection and every intersection throughout town? Watching not just for skateboarders, but cyclists, joggers, walkers? Shouldn’t every one of us, every day, in this children and family filled community drive our cars willingly with caution and care?

Perhaps my next letter to the editor will be about the drivers who are annoyed because they have to share the roads.


Kimberly OBrien-Young, Laguna Beach

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