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Get Inspired by a Local Historic Cottage

Inspiration begins streetside.

An artist designer’s historic cottage is featured in a 14-page article in the June issue of Romantic Homes Magazine on newsstands now.

The story describes the property’s original purchase by Van Nuys’ Susanna H. Lankershim for $10 in gold coins on Sept. 23, 1911.

The current resident hosts an annual art in the garden event on Saturday, May 19, from noon-5 p.m., 590 Cedar Way, for local artists to come paint and create, meet the neighbors, mingle and be inspired.


Pacific Edge Hosts Reception for Plein Air Painters

Pacific Edge Gallery will host a reception Saturday, May 19, from 5 to 8 p.m. at 540 S. Coast Highway for two plein air California painters featured in a new exhibition.

Bryan Mark Taylor’s "Evening Boating.”

The show through June 15 exhibits 27 new oils painted on location by Jacobus Baas in Hawaii, Maine, and California. Oils painted on location throughout California by Bryan Mark Taylor will premiere the same day.


Reviving Your Creativity

Arts Anonymous, a fellowship that helps people express their creativity, has scheduled its first meeting on Friday, May 25, from 5:30-7 p.m. at the Living Room, 303 Broadway, Suite 107.

Arts Anonymous welcomes all artists, designers, writers, actors, dancers, and others who seek to recover from non-productive behavior that results in avoiding creative pursuits.

There are no fees or dues. For more information, call Jheri at 949-494-5031.


Festival Exhibits in Huntington Beach

April Raber’s “Monday Morning” is included in the exhibit.

The Festival of Arts is collaborating with the Huntington Beach Art Center, 538 Main St., for the exhibition Contemporary Traditionalists: A West Coast Perspective, May 19 – June 23.

It features 48 works by 18 artists and provides a glimpse into the history and progression of art on the West Coast. The gallery is closed Sunday and Monday.

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