Which Bags for Cats ?



Dog owners have the ‘blue bags’ offered at dog parks but most cat owners rely on the grocery store plastic bags.  With the impending ban, what is a cat owner to do?   ‘’Plastic Bag Ban Bad News for Pet Owners ?’’, Feb. 17)


This is rather a pressing issue for many people. “Can’t you just use paper bags?” a solution recently put to me. Paper bags from where?  While I’m not trivializing the ban and my concern may seem unimportant, to many people the fact remains it is a concern.  Perhaps the makers of the blue bags can be induced to provide them for cats as well?


Thank you,


Suzi Scallon,

Laguna Beach


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  1. max isles says:

    Suzi are you talking about a bag to pick up cat poop or for emptying a cat litter tray?

    Dog poop bags will work just fine for picking you cat poop, but all the cats I have had dug a hole a bury it. I would just leave it buried.
    For a litter tray, pet stores sell plastic bag liners for the trays.

    Also Coast Hardware and Ganahl Lumber sell a range of biodegradable bags.

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