Bare Area Lacks Flood Control Measures


According to the article (“El Nino Forecasts Propel Storm Readiness,” Aug. 15) the city of Laguna Beach is taking measures for potentially heavy rainfall this winter and therefore averting the danger of local flash floods.

“Winter storm preparations are well underway throughout town”

However, around the Laguna Beach High School athletic field, bordered by St. Ann’s Drive and Wilson Street, the hillsides have been virtually denuded of all vegetation by the city.

No flood control measures are in place, a micro burst of intense rainfall will bring mud down on both streets as in the case of Dec. 22, 2010.

Are the residents living on those streets facing a mud invasion onto their properties?

Is St. Ann’s Drive going to be impassible again and blocked off to traffic as in December 2010?

Pay heed.


Lique Hoskins, Laguna Beach

Editor’s Note: The school district cleared the area.

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