Bike Seller’s Remorse


Have you ever regretted selling something and wanting it back? A few years ago I donated my old bike to a worthwhile organization for a fund raiser. It probably didn’t raise much money as it was nothing special. Purchased in 1983, this 21-speed was a general all round street road bike, good for going to the beach and trips around town, which it did for years in Pacific Grove and Redondo Beach. On innumerable weekends in Redondo I harnessed the bike to a two-kid sized Burley trailer and loaded it with our young son, beach toys, towels, and boogey boards. It was an easy ride from our home, fun, and no hassle; with parking right on the beach. Short bike trips to the store became automatic. Let the car sleep in the garage.

In 2003 we moved to Laguna and the bike got little use. Maybe it was the formidable hill I live on or I convinced myself that there wasn’t enough space for my old bike. Carefully maintained over the years it worked and looked just fine when I gave it away, but after reading last week’s letters about the bike routes, maps, and benefits of biking I want my old bike back.

Ok, it’s a Univega, 26 in., gold in color, and if you got it I’m prepared to make you an offer you can’t refuse. 949-494-3625

George Weiss, Laguna Beach

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