Budget Analyst Earns District’s Praise

Raymond Lee

Raymond Lee

Behind-the-scenes budget analyst Raymond Lee has been selected as the Laguna’s school district’s classified employee of the year.

“Ray is a quiet hero in LBUSD,” said Supt. Sherine Smith, who expressed her appreciation for Lee’s contributions. “He works hard, is a team player, and has a great sense of humor. Ray is an integral part of the team and we are fortunate to have an employee of such high caliber in our district.”

The award pays tribute to outstanding employees who aren’t instructors but support student education.

Asst. Supt. of Business Services Dean West said Lee’s high-level accounting serves as the bedrock for administrators’ fiscal decision-making and provides public accountability. “Ray uploads, extracts, compiles and reports financial data that encompasses the entire organization for use by our district leaders. In addition to his technical skills, he has strong, polished communications skills,” West said.

Lee, hired in 2009, was both surprised and honored to receive the award, and enjoys a profession that makes a difference in the lives of students.

He is fluent in Spanish and Chinese as well as English and earned an undergraduate degree in Spanish from UC Irvine.

He previously worked for Boys Hope Girls Hope of Southern California. Community service is an integral part of his life and for several years he and his wife, Jennifer, have volunteered at Orangewood Children and Family Center.

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