Burnt Up Over Bright Bulb


Don’t know what the success rate of those who try to use the lighting ordinance to minimize bright lights from outdoor lighting. But here is my story:

The lights from the front of my neighbor’s home shines into my bedroom and main living area. No need to turn on the lights at night in these rooms. I sent a letter/brochure on lighting to the neighbor. They sent their letter to Mr. Montgomery and Verna Rollinger for help.  First the discussion was around an adjacent neighbor, which according to the city only means homes on either side.  Code enforcement went out to check illumination. The bulb was 75 watt, but the type that has a brighter capacity than a regular light bulb. But because it was 75 watt it was deemed OK, case closed.

The next option, the fixture itself, was not discussed. By replacing the lighting fixture that directs the light downward or to add a shield to the light fixture to achieve the same purpose would eliminate current (pardon the pun) and future issues.  My neighbor’s fixture is of plain/beveled glass that amplifies the brightness. Have heard of similar instances where the wording in this ordinance has failed to solve issues. Light bulbs can be replaced even after a case is closed or it burns out and the cycle of annoyance starts again. We can do better than this.


Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach

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  1. patti

    suggestion…visit your neighbor w/a gift…perhaps a nice bottle of wine as a peace offering…kindly explain your situation and suggest a lower wattage or even a colored bulb of their choice that you would of course provide (available at coast hardware)…if they refuse at least you tried…i had a similar problem and after months of frustration did just that and it worked! took a while to build up the courage to knock on the door but i am so glad i did…best of luck.

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