Whalen Campaign Now Underway

Bob Whalen told a crowd of 175 supporters that he seeks re-election to the Laguna Beach City Council in part because “there is no shortage of things to work on” to improve the town.

Memorial Day Highlights

Laguna Beach American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars will conduct their 89th Memorial Day ceremony in remembrance of military service personnel Monday, May 30.

Laguna Remembers Their Call to Duty

By 1941, both of the Shive brothers and Wess Balfour had graduated from Laguna Beach High School. Like so many grads since, they had grand plans after graduation: to find their way to Hawaii and the South Pacific to live in the tropical paradise, recalled the brothers’ sibling,...

Class of 2016 Displays an Enterprising Bent

“Stay courageous and stay in touch,” said LCAD president Jonathan Burke, acknowledging the students long hours working on studio projects and excitement to apply their learning. “You are ambassadors and advocates for art,” he said.

Budget Wish-List Spans Butterflies to Lifeguards

After hearing nearly an hour of requests to fund pet projects from various civic groups, the City Council favored some new and unusual requests at Tuesday’s budget workshop and signaled their intent to add staff to the fire and marine safety departments as well.

Coalition Opens Doors to House the Homeless

Troy Phillips roamed around south Orange County for 11 years, landing on beaches, behind bushes, on a bench, wherever he could for as long as he could until he was asked or forced to “move on.” He came to Laguna Beach often, usually to grab a meal at the city’s overnight shelter...

Laguna Wins ‘Most Waterwise’ Challenge

  Laguna Beach residents have again proven their commitment to conserving water and other resources by claiming the title of “Nation’s Most Waterwise City” among small towns for a third year, says a Laguna Beach County Water District statement. The Wyland Foundation, based...

Twisting Career Path Leads to an Unexpected Prize

Margaret Warder decided she needed to ditch her corporate sales job after taking her daughter to a Harry Potter movie and falling asleep, exhausted from a business trip. With an emergency credential for substitute teaching, she applied for a job with the Laguna Beach school...

No Silver Bullet for Congestion

Summerlike weather all-year round is bringing record-numbers of tourists congesting Laguna Beach with cars, the subject of a town hall meeting Tuesday.

New Owners Re-season Café Zoolu Creole Style

Laguna Beach resident and bar owner Michael Byrne intends to remake longtime local favorite, Cafe Zoolu, into a creole restaurant. Owners Michael and Toni Leech look forward to retiring.

Updated: Court Reverses Murder Conviction

Laguna Beach police erred in continuing to question homicide suspect Matthew Dragna after he invoked his right to a lawyer, concluded an appeals court that overturned the first-degree murder conviction for a violation of procedure.

Creatures Large and Small Wash Ashore

The impact of El Nino ocean currents was evident on local beaches in the last week, where beachgoers encountered unusually underweight baby elephant seals and a stranded army of tiny lobster-like red crabs.

All Roads Lead to … ‘No Parking’

The poster-sized sign printed on vinyl looks like an eye chart from an optometrist’s office. In increasingly smaller letters it reads, “Visualize being towed.” Another one reads, “No Parking-No Kidding”. Jeannie Richardson has produced 15 different signs, some elegant and some...
Posted On 19 May 2016

Court Reverses Murder Conviction

Laguna Beach police erred in continuing to question murder-robbery suspect Matthew Dragna after he invoked the need for a lawyer, leading a court of appeals to overturn his 2013 Superior Court conviction. An opinion issued by the California Court of Appeals last week reversed the...

Schools Reject Fee Hike on New Building

The Laguna Beach school board refused to impose a hike in fees on new construction within the district Tuesday and also questioned the premise behind the recommendation, a forecast of a 27 percent jump in enrollment and the need for $24 million in campus improvements to...