Court Delays Ruling on Artist Housing Project

Sculptor Louis Longi says he remains undeterred by yet another delay in his years-long plan to build a studio and communal workspaces for other artists in Laguna Canyon.

Local Tap Water Remains Lead-Free

Managers of the two water districts serving Laguna Beach residents say lead contamination like that experienced in Flint, Mich., is unlikely here, even in older homes, because the water source is constantly monitored by suppliers.

Parade Marks its 50th Edition

The Patriots Day Parade sets out Saturday, March 5, led by grand marshal and native son Kelly Boyd and honored patriot of the year, local resident Marine Lt. Col. Carlos K. McAfee.

All-terrain Buggy to Join Rescue Teams

Laguna Beach police will procure an all-terrain vehicle in order to respond more swiftly to calls in the wilderness areas.

Moms Stoked to Skate

At 10, Barbara Odanaka started a love affair with skate boarding on a Hobie Super Surfer, a now vintage wooden model with clay wheels made in the ‘60s. At age 13, her track coach told her she couldn’t compete on the team if she continued skateboarding.
Posted On 29 Feb 2016

Schools Cancel Marijuana Talk

After offering to host a discussion about marijuana at Thurston Middle School next month, school officials did an about-face this week and canceled the presentation.

‘Sunbathers’ Receive a Reprieve

Having stayed out in the sun way too long, the two metal figures at Nita Carmen Park were spared the junkyard and, instead, may be reinvented before taking their places again on the grassy knoll at Wilson Street and St. Ann’s Drive.

Treasurer Remains a Part-time Job

In an unusual airing of a City Hall dispute complete with intimations and key witnesses, the City Council voted 4-1 Tuesday to keep the elected city treasurer’s position part-time instead of full-time.

Pastor BJ Beu Says Adieu

Neighborhood Congregational Church Rev. B.J. Beu said he has resigned following a vote of the congregation asking him to leave.

Gas Trolleys Can Handle the Hills

Despite doubts from some city bus drivers, trolleys will take the hills with ease this summer, city officials maintain.

Non-profit Delivers Rides from the Heart

For many in Laguna Beach cycling serves as a source of exercise and enjoyment, but for 20-year resident Amy Stonich it serves as a chance to give back.

Artists Clamor for a Sense of Place

Although Laguna Beach has three summer arts festivals, a thriving art museum and a lively theater and music scene, the lack of a central cultural arts center remains a shortcoming, according to results of a recent survey.

‘Greeter’ Readies for a Close-Up

Local residents Martin and Tabatha Yewchuk will premiere of “The Greeter,” on Thursday, Feb. 25, at Seven Degrees, 891 Laguna Canyon Rd., and ticket sales will aid their efforts to promote the film worldwide.

Whalen to Seek Re-election

Bringing a cultural arts center to the city remains a passion for Bob Whalen, a City Council member who informally announced his bid for re-election at a community event last week.