Winners Dive for the Prize

  From a field of 65 submitted entries to its annual photo contest, the Laguna Bluebelt Coalition announced seven winners in two categories. The contest focuses attention on preserving Laguna Beach’s marine habitats, which is the coalition’s aim as well. “We had...
Posted On 19 Feb 2015

Indy on the Move

Thanks to readers for sharing a snapshot from their travels with those at home. Return the favor and send a photo with the Indy from an interesting landmark discovered on your next journey. Please send high resolution images to [email protected] Newlyweds Andy and Natalie Alison...
Posted On 15 Jan 2015

Top News Photos in Laguna Beach for 2014

A selection of the best news images of 2014 from the Laguna Beach Independent.

Always a Hit, Hospitality Night!


Mischievous Merriment

  By Kimberly O’Brien Young This past weekend, Laguna Beach High School’s production of Shakespeare’s timeless tale “Midsummer Night’s Dream” opened at the Artists’ Theatre. It is a visually stunning, wondrous production to lose yourself in. The Rustics led by Wyatt Shipp,...

Coop Tour Yields Much to Cluck About

By Rita Robinson | LB Indy Who knew backyard chicken coops were such a draw? Apparently, about 100 people who turned out mostly on bicycles this past Saturday, Nov. 1, for the second annual Laguna Beach Tour de Coop. Clusters of bicyclists could be seen around town, visiting 16...

Hurricane Lowell Brings Big Waves, Near-record Numbers to 51st Brooks

By Robert Campbell | LB Indy   The long arms of Hurricane Lowell, spinning just off the coast of Baja California, pushed overhead southern swells into Laguna Beach last weekend, setting up near-perfect conditions for the 51st edition of the Brooks Street Surfing Classic, a...

Indy Travels Into the Wild, the West and Beyond

We welcome a photo from your adventures exploring far-flung destinations. Pack the Indy and send along a high resolution image with a caption about the backdrop to [email protected]    
Posted On 21 Aug 2014

Exploring the Backyard Wilderness

Photos and story by Ron Chilcote Above El Morro Elementary School, at Laguna Beach’s northern edge, is a trail access entrance to the upper portion of Crystal Cove State Park. Those who hike the trail that leads up into El Moro Canyon are confronted with a diversion to the south,...

Fashion Dazzles With Re-Imagined Fabrics

By Loreen Berlin, Special to the Independent The sixth-annual Runway Fashion Show at the Festival of Arts astonished spectators with garments re-imagined from used, re-used and recycled items worn by gorgeous, sensuous models. Artist exhibitors, who devised the innovative...

A Glimpse of a Coastal Jewel

Photos by Ron Chilcote With the reopening of the Emerald Canyon Trail in the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park this month, we figured readers might enjoy a glimpse into what some consider the jewel of the coastal canyons. Emerald Canyon Trail begins at the top of Bommer Ridge, a less...

They’re Outta Here

Please tantalize those at home with a high resolution image from your adventures near and far. And thanks again to fans that save space for the Indy in their bags.    

Guards Endure a Daunting Tryout

Photos and story by Mitch Ridder Last Saturday morning, 50 men and six women pushed themselves through three physical events to begin their journey to become Laguna Beach lifeguards. First, competitors had to successfully complete a 1,000-meter swim under 20 minutes in 58º water,...