College Unveils New Addition to Student Housing

Laguna College of Art & Design will add 18 beds to its newly expanded Residence Hall, home to 40 freshmen this fall and about a third of the incoming freshman class.

Incoming freshmen from communities 100 miles away received priority for placement in the residence hall, less than a mile from the main campus and walking distance to downtown Laguna Beach.

“Having LCAD student housing within the Civic Art District during the last two years has proved very successful and has brought a new vitality to the area,” said Mark Orgill, who owns the Seven Degrees event center near the college residence hall and has assisted in its expansion.

Housing that is nearly on campus helps students focus on their studies in art and design, said a statement from the college.

“Living in campus housing provides a deeper connection to the college and creates a learning community and enriching experience beyond the classroom,” said President Jonathan Burke. “The convenience of housing and a shuttle service saves time commuting, and the proximity to downtown helps to maintain a healthy life style.”

Roommates and units are assigned based on compatibility as determined by a roommate questionnaire. Assigned roommates learn to coordinate cleaning, grocery buying, cooking, decorating, carpooling, and the frequency of guests. This experience strengthens life skills such as adaptation, transition, and compromise. “Activities and events are integrated into resident life and the accessible, live-in resident managers offer an increased level of security and support to the students,” added Burke.

The availability of student housing adds another amenity that helps keep LCAD on an equal footing with other art schools seeking to enroll the most talented students.

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