Constituent Questions Dicterow’s Intent


Laguna Beach City Council member Steve Dicterow’s reputation is growing. First he invited Congressman Dana Rohrabacher to his kick-off campaign gathering. Many Lagunatics are sad that Rohrabacher now represents our town in congress, since he is considered one of the most ineffective representatives in U.S. history.

Now in the town of “no”, Dicterow wants to intimidate citizens and visitors with black and white police cars. A friend and I visited Hunington Beach and walked Main Street and the pier. The whole time a HBPD helicopter was overhead going round and round for no apparent reason. I believe most residents and visitors do not want a heavy police presence.

Now he wants to spend $50,000 for a consultant to study our transit system when most everybody knows he wants to do away with the blue and white Monday through Saturday municipal bus service, which is heavily subsidized by a generous Orange County Transit Authority grant to Laguna Beach. They say a man’s reputation goes before him. With only a few months in office, he is certainly building a reputation.


Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

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