Correcting Brown’s Statements


Ganka Brown’s letter (“Questioning Village Laguna’s Status,” May 9) contains a number of misunderstandings that need to be corrected.

Village Laguna has been an all-volunteer nonprofit organization since its beginnings, and “nonprofit mutual-benefit corporation” is the way the state of California currently describes it. The federal tax code classifies it as “527.” Its purposes are to protect, retain, and improve the distinctive village character of Laguna Beach, to foster concern for the protection of the environment of Laguna Beach, to sponsor public exhibitions that exemplify the unique character of the community, and to support the election to local office of persons who support these purposes.

The only position that Village Laguna has taken on the proposed view ordinance is that, if the Council adopts it, it should be placed on the ballot for a vote of the electorate. It is important to note that without Village Laguna, which was founded in 1971 to pass the initiative for a 36-foot building height limit throughout town, many existing views would now be blocked by high rises lining the beach.

Village Laguna agrees with one point in Ganka Brown’s letter to the editor about our annual Charm House Tour. She urges readers to buy a ticket to the tour.

We welcome Indy readers and friends to enjoy this, our 42nd annual tour on Sunday, May 18, featuring the historic Pyne Castle. More information is available at villagelaguna.org.

Ginger Osborne, Laguna Beach

The author is president of Village Laguna

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