Council Disregards its Pledge


With respect to the elimination, and promised replacement, of the trees in upper Bluebird Canyon, it would seem that once again the City Council has decided to totally disregard our historic neighborhood (“Native Trees Replace Exotic Species in Bluebird Canyon,” Nov. 22 edition)

A case in point:  Tuesday night, Nov. 19, the council voted to have our beautifully wooded area move another step closer to the San Fernando Valley.  But there is good news.  They’ve decided to place some scaled down trees in one specific area: a tree zoo (if you will) near the horseshoe bend, where we can take our children when they ask to see what a tree looks like, the way they might ask after a rare panda.

I would wager that if you asked any of the council members if they have met their obligation, that public promise that they made over a year ago, they would probably say yes.  The sleight of hand came when they didn’t say where the new trees would be placed.  It was just a subtle switch, about as subtle as taking a truck full of giant redwoods from Garberville and planting them in Fresno.

But not to worry; I get it. Canvassing and fund raising gets you a view to the sea. But ask about the protection of one of the signature historic neighborhoods in Laguna Beach, and you get Reseda.

To those of you that want to know if our remaining trees are safe from a chain saw, go ask the lady up the hill.  To those that find nature just too messy, drop by my house and ask politely; I’ll loan you a rake.

 Mace Morse, Laguna Beach


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