Current Debate Mirrors an Earlier One


The recent debates over solutions to a few making noise in a

residential area abutting a commercial zone and the skateboarding

debate reminds me of an incident that occurred on the south end of

Glenneyre about a decade ago.


For those not familiar, there are some rather sharp turns where a

reasonable driver would slow to enable them to stay on their side of

the street. But one night two drunks failed miserably and ended up in

one of the homes along the street. After much hysteria and gnashing of

the teeth, it was agreed that two ominous speed bumps on the turns

would be the solution to return safety to the residential area.


Fast-forward to today where residential parking restrictions for

everyone in an area near a restaurant and regulations for all

skateboarders in Laguna are near adoption. I have no dog in either

fight, but I do think that solutions should follow the path of “less

is better and nothing is best.” Why you ask? How can I not be in

favor of solutions to these local problems? Didn’t the speed bumps

solve the problem on Glenneyre?


Yes, you are right, for over a decade two more drunks have not

crashed into a home along Glenneyre thanks to those speed bumps. I am

reminded of that improvement every day when I have to put up with two

totally unnecessary speed bumps. Almost makes you want to go crazy,

but that would border on lacking common sense, something I think

should be the order of the day for the two current anomalies.


Dennis Myers, Laguna Beach

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