Defending the Position of Taxpayers Group


Paul Freeman, lobbyist for Village Laguna on Measure CC, has joined Johanna Felder and even Laguna Greenbelt Inc. in accusing Laguna Beach Taxpayers Association (LBTA) of opposing Measure CC because we are stingy, dishonest and lack vision. Was it something we said?

LBTA support was indispensable to voter approval of the last public school bond and the special tax for Bluebird Canyon recovery. And since we are revisiting events played out over decades, let’s not forget LBTA was an indispensable stakeholder when we overcame entrenched and inflammatory opposition to the Montage by Village Laguna.

Who lacked the vision on Montage? Today we enjoy public beach access, public parks and open space that would have been lost if Village Laguna had its way on that project. Because LBTA and our partners supporting Montage were successful, our public schools and city government receive critically needed revenues that benefit all of us every day.

Of course, when Freeman was working for the Montage he was as nasty about Village Laguna as he is now about LBTA. That’s why we found it ironic that the glossy cover of that expensive mailer just sent out by the Committee for Measure CC features a dramatic photo of the Montage resort that Freeman’s current clients at Village Laguna did all they could to prevent from ever happening.

Some current LBTA members did support the 1990 canyon purchase, and some of us were far more  involved in creating the Greenbelt than most of those supporting Measure CC. When Jim Dilley came to me in 1969 and asked for my help rallying students at LBHS to support the Greenbelt, I didn’t see Freeman or Felder around anywhere!

Support prudent parcel purchases of truly critical endangered open space from existing revenues by our elected leaders. Vote no on Measure CC.


Howard Hills, Laguna Beach

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