Why Don’t Police Enforce Speed Limits on Coast Highway?



Laguna Beach Council person Elizabeth Pearson’s description of hundreds of emails she received, some threatening, in regard to a possible Emerald Bay entrance signal, was shocking. She said that she has never received so many radical messages in her 17 years of public service.

Whatever happens in relation to the signal, one fact remains disturbing. The Laguna Beach Police Department turns its back when it comes to speeding on Coast Highway, especially at the E.B. main entrance.  Coast Highway was built in 1928 and is considered an antique when it comes to the load of cars it now accommodates. Many coastal cities give few speeding tickets because if the traffic moved at a slower rate, there could be heavier traffic and backups all along the way, but even in town at Wesley Drive, Crescent Bay Drive and other intersections, cars in many cases are going 55 – 65 plus miles per hour and represent the biggest threat to drivers.

What will it take for the LBPD to enforce the speed limits?


Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

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