By Richard Hille

Asked and Answered

Grampa I have to do a survey for school.

O.K. shoot.


I have to write down your age, education and work history,

Then I ask these questions:


What’s your favorite book?

The Little Engine That Could.

Grampa that’s a children’s book,

You can’t say that.

O.K. How’s Don Quixote?

Very good.


What’s your favorite movie?


No Grampa. More gravitas.

The Pawn Broker.




Jimmy Hendrix.


You pick then; Beethoven or Bartok?

Beethoven, it’s harder to spell.


Album or CD?

Tubby the Tuba.

There you go again.

Is Kinda Blue acceptable?

Perfect for your age and education.


Personal Hero?

Martin Luther King.


American political hero?

Thomas Paine.


Hamilton. Alright with you?

Why can’t you pick Washington or Jefferson,

Like everybody else?



I say Madame Curie.

Hey Grampa,

Let’s go with the Marx Brothers on this one.


Grampa Grant is Richard Hille, a long time Laguna Beach resident with three Grandchildren ages 10, 7 and 4.

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