Family in Action

What’s the matter?


Nothing’s the matter.


You look like something’s the matter.


No. Really, Janice, I’m fine.


Well something’s wrong.


No really Janice. I’m fine.


Well something’s not right.

I wish you would just tell me.


I’m telling you I’m fine!


MOM! Grampa’s all grumpy

And he won’t say why.


Oh, leave him alone,

He’ll get over it.


There’s nothing to get over.


Janice, what’s Grampa upset about?


How do I know?

He won’t tell me anything.

You’re his favorite,

You ask him.


What’s up Grampa?


Leave me alone.

I don’t have a favorite.


Man. You’re on the peck today.

What’s wrong?


Nothing! No everything.

I couldn’t have spawned any of you.

I’m normal and you’re crazy as out-house rats.


Jeez Grampa. You don’t have to attack us.

We didn’t do anything.


Grampa Grant is Richard Hille a long time Laguna Beach resident, the Grandfather of three.

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