Eavesdrops by Grampa Grant

Hidden Treasure

The author and some of his grandkids.

Do you think Grampa will hide Easter eggs?

Well, he always has.

It’s just that I’m older now.

You could call him and tell him you’re too old now.

I know, but he seems to enjoy it so.

Remember when he used to

Take them out of my basket to hide them again

And again for so many times?

And the basket with the divinity candy when I couldn’t eat chocolate?

He would always take such care in decorating them

And they were so beautiful,

Well not beautiful exactly,

Kind of messy looking sometimes,

But lots of color and always one with my name on it.

And there’s always a stuffed bunny in the basket too.

I still have a couple of them, I bet.

Remember the year we found two eggs from the year before

And they didn’t even stink?

He always has a solid chocolate bunny in the basket too,

But it’s a little one and with jelly beans and those

Funny volcano shaped candies in pastel colors with little

Round sprinkles on them.

And we always make deviled eggs and egg salad

And every other egg thing.

Well, I guess I can let him enjoy it for another Easter.

Author Richard Hille, a longtime Laguna Beach resident, lawyer and urban planner, is the executive director of a charitable trust engaged in medical research. His poetry draws from conversations with has three grandchildren aged 4 to 10.



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