Egly Goes Back on a Pledge


At the City Council meeting on Oct. 16, Mayor Jane Egly stated that she wanted to support the South

Laguna Community Garden, but that she needed to know about the soil contamination and to see an appraisal. Specifically she said, “I need to have the answers to those two questions before I can say yeah. But then I’ll say yeah!” (You can see and hear all this on the city’s web site, at meetings, then video of Oct 16, at about 2 hours, 54 minutes.)

Naïve us in south Laguna, we took her at her word.  We spent $1,500 to get an appraisal.  We spent a huge number of hours chasing down the 12-year old soils reports. But we did get both of these documents and shared them with the city.

Then at the Nov. 13 City Council meeting, Mayor Egly voted to deny the request for funding for the purchase of the community garden parcel.

Some legacy for the mayor.

At least Elizabeth Pearson and Kelly Boyd had the integrity to be consistent in their opposition to allocating any money for the community garden.


Bill Rihn, Laguna Beach

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  1. Les Miklosy

    The former mayor is a political back-stabber, that should be clear now.

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