Embracing Competition



How refreshing to read the comments of Chris Keller, president of the City’s Chamber of Commerce, in which he welcomed the new high profile restaurant called Katsuya (“New Hot Spots Burnish Laguna’s Dining Reputation,” July 8).


Unlike the recent controversy between the owners of Tuvalu and another home furnishings store wishing to locate in Laguna (“Welcome or Not, Seaside Interiors Opens its Doors,” June 10.)  The Tuvalu controversy was reminiscent of the battle Hobie’s and other surf shops waged against Jack’s until they were finally bullied into withdrawing their proposal.


Mr. Keller, a respected restaurateur himself, obviously believes that everyone benefits from competition and understands the value of allowing the free market to determine whether a business succeeds or fails.


Rosalie Gelston, Newport Beach


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