Why Are We Fighting?


What has happened to the integrity and honesty of our City Council and mayor? Why are we fighting another ill-conceived project? Why are we wasting our energies when we could be spending our time on projects that have a higher priority? We are spinning our wheels again dealing with dishonest people. We have rules and regulations. Stick to them; they are there for a purpose.

Don’t try and out-guess why they are there, or try and circumvent them; it only makes you look either weak or you are getting a big payoff.

Elizabeth Pearson, you overrode the conditional use permit on 105 Crescent Bay and it has opened a whole can of worms including decreasing property values and the right of cellular companies to add whatever they want to that building without asking the city for permission. I hope that makes you proud.

Before you make any more lifetime errors that will affect a whole neighborhood for years to come, don’t, don’t change any CUP rules or regulations! Just don’t!

Suzanne McClaire, Laguna Beach

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