New Gallery Welcomed

A Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting ceremony for Forest & Ocean Gallery, 480 Ocean Ave., Suite B, is set for 5 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 30.

Forest & Ocean Gallery, which revised its name and location in Costa Mesa since opening four years ago, represents a collective of  photographers and ceramists. Owners Barbara and Ludo Leideritz founded the Gallery to be a space where artists can exhibit, and share their inspiration and creativity with colleagues and clients.

Leideritz comments:  “Considering the gallery to be resident-serving compliments the intention and mission of our approach.   The gallery serves not only as an establishment of fine art procurement, but it has also served as a teaching institution. ”

As an example, the gallery hosted an Ansel Adams retrospective last August conducted by Adams’ long-time assistant, Alan Ross. On display were 20 Ansel Adams original prints, including several of the rarest Adams prints in existence.

Forest & Ocean Gallery represents Tim Agler, May-Eivor Belsby, Barbara Higgins, Beverly Jacobs, Barbara Ann Leideritz, Ludo Leideritz, Robin Lee Riddell, Alan Ross, Carol Cirillo Stanley, Wendell Stanley, and N. Vance.

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