Genesta Benefit Postscript


It was an incredible event. This was a case of the music community, the artists, many businesses, family, friends and individuals who had never met the Genestas, but where moved by their story all pulling together to turn tragedy into a uplifting celebration for the Genestas’ future.

Wow. The event raised over $7,000 for the family.

Rick Conkey, Laguna Beach




Words do not begin to describe the feelings that we hold in our hearts for all of our friends, neighbors, event planners, volunteers, musicians, artists, news outlets and contributors who created and attended the benefit given in our name this past Saturday, Sept. 21. As we face leaving our home and town, we realize that we will be hard-pressed to find another Laguna Beach.  This caring beach community performs miracles.


Lisa, John and Adam Genesta, Laguna Beach

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