GOP HQ Supports Dicterow


As president of the Laguna Beach Republicans, I feel it is my duty to respond to “A Surprise Among His Supporters,” Aug. 10.

Laguna Beach Republicans support all candidates who are registered Republican voters. We do not discriminate regarding race, gender or what position the candidate is seeking.

LBR is proudly supporting Steve Dicterow because not only is he is the only Republican running for City Council but his values and ideals are in line with the values of the party. When Steve was on the City Council and was mayor, he always enjoyed significant support due to his even-handed and fair advocacy for all constituents, regardless of their political affiliation. Steve Dicterow understands the character and heart of Laguna Beach, and he works with anyone in or out of government who wants what is best for our town as a whole, not just special interests.

As Republicans, we believe in individual freedoms, less government intrusion into our lives and our pocket books, and above all the United States Constitution. We are working hard to elect all  Republicans including our newly redistricted Congressman Dana Rhorbacher. We are in a battle to win back this country so if you would like to help with our grass roots efforts please log on to our website at [email protected].


Michele Hall, Laguna Beach

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