High Praise From Their Peers

Karen Petty’s best-selling work, “In Love.”

The Sawdust Art Festival announced winners of its artist peer awards, listed respectively from first to third:

Blown Glass: Christopher Jeffries, Gavin Heath, Jason McQuaid & Michael Panetta.

Fused Glass: Siân Poeschl,  Dawn Spurlock, Cindy Stalnaker.

Ceramics: Jesse Bartels, Walter Reiss, Mark Winner.

Clothing/Textiles: Olivia Batchelder, Edith Otto, Michelle Holt.

Jewelry: Annette Doreng-Stearns, Barbara Schuppe, Baruch Kaufman.

Mixed Media: Nikolai Erngren, Julie Setterholm and Michele Taylor, Michael Ezzell.

Painting on Board/Canvas: Gary Spellman, Ryan Gourley, Katlin Evans.

Painting on Paper/Fabric: Linda Pirri, Kelly Akins, Dennis Junka.

Photography: Sean Brown, Mike Kelly & Scott Sporleder, Linda Grossman.

Sculpture: Dion Wright, Larry Gill, Randy Bader.

Best Work by First-Year Artist: Sean Brown, Grant Bathke, Jamie Bichler.

Best New Work by Returning Artist: Karen Petty.

Best Booth by First-Year Artist: Cary Holt.

Best Booth by Returning Artist: Leila Ehdaie, Ryan Gourley, Laurel Meister and Art Zdanowski.

Best Volunteer: Diane Valentino

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