Homeless Forums Need More Attention


As a college student, I never certainly think of possible issues that are being encountered in Laguna Beach, because let’s face it, it’s a city of paradise and nothing can be wrong with that. But for someone who is just simply passing by and not really paying attention, the homeless seem to be a very minimal account of existing. I recently read an article, Lesson Learned from Housing Homeless People” June 13 edition, stating that there are 40+ homeless people around the community.

This article made me very excited to see that the issue was being brought up and being taken care of. Also, I think it was very considerable of how the article states how tenants are being supportive of the situation to and how it may become difficult and be a risk to have homeless with mental issues live among the community as a regular person.

It was very considerable of how at the end of the article it was stated, “Upcoming community forums on supportive housing:” followed by some dates that have recently passed. However, as a person who visits the community often I was never aware of this event. It was not given the acknowledgment it needed to be given. Such to say that if a well-known neighbor of the community won an award, that story would have been bigger and more people would have known about it.

There is no exception to the homeless. They are, whether we like or not, a part of the community and we should all know what and be educated of events that can help our community, that way everyone can get involved and make Laguna Beach a better place.

As persons of the community it is our responsibility to be aware of events that can help others and increase the strength in our community as well.  In doing so and making events like these an importance of attending and having these forum call out to the community, we can all get involved in working to make Laguna Beach a place not only of paradise but of unity.

Lohana Abrego

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