Host Homes Needed for Foreign Students

AFS, Intercultural Programs, is accepting applications for high school and “gap” year programs for this summer and fall.  Go to www.afsusa.org to see the countries available.

Foreign students arriving in August are being assigned to host families now.  For information on hosting, go to the website or call local AFS volunteer Barbara Hawthorne, 376-5913.

German native Laura Fricker returns home

Last week 16-year-old Laura Fricker returned to her home near Munich after spending a semester at Laguna Beach High School on an AFS exchange.  She lived with the Robinson family and was on the volleyball team. AFS has been hosting and sending LBHS students abroad since 1959.

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  1. Jackie Williams

    I have a home in North West UK.

    Can I apply to be put on your list of host families please.

    Best Wishes- jackie

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