Ignoring Advice Breeds Cynicism


(This letter was also addressed to the Planning Commission)

In three years of meetings with residents, city staff and city council members, the Complete Streets Task Force (CSTF) identified sources of public funding for infrastructure projects as early as June 2009, again in April, July and August 2010 (see Minutes).

The city never applied for these sources of public funding until now (Enhanced Mobility and Complete Streets Transition Plan, 2012 recently approved by Caltrans). The reason(s) the city never applied for these sources are because:

  1. The funding recommendation from CSTF never reached Planning Commission staff;
  2. The CSTF liaison(s) never passed the funding recommendation to PC staff;
  3. City Council gave little regard for CSTF research so they did nothing with the funding recommendations;
  4. The PC did nothing with the information passed to them.

Our city government would serve its residents better if process dysfunction like this ceased immediately and the value of contributions made by resident volunteers were taken seriously. Residents should note to vote carefully this election.

Les Miklosy
, Laguna Beach

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