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Although Ann Christoph and I seldom agree about many things, I do agree with her editorial of this week that we should look at the voting record of those who represent us in City Council (“Decisions Erode Village Character,” Oct. 21).  Her signature ending “Love it or Leave it,” exemplifies a very closed minded attitude about the health, and safety of the citizens of Laguna Beach and their property. Village Laguna is just an extension of her attitude and this should make all of us nervous. Don’t forget she was mayor during the fire that devastated our city.


Many of us do love this city and love its charm, but charm is not about falling apart cottages that are neglected, abandoned, nor is it about towering eucalyptus trees that have caused loss of life, limb (pardon the pun) and property.  This is not 1920 and our council members have to make meaningful decisions for the quality of life for all of us.  This includes making decisions that may affect the city as a whole.


One big issue that we have to face is the fact that insurance companies may no longer be willing to insure homes because of groves of plants and trees that are ill kept, non-native, invasive and having been identified as fire hazards.  Trees do make a neighborhood and they can also destroy neighborhoods. It’s a choice of making the best and prudent decision of plants around us.


I am always suspicious of decisions made by political figures and their groupie.  Be aware of those that march to the tune of those they are beholden to financially, as is the case of Ms. Rollinger.  Village Laguna is a political action committee whose sole purpose is to provide financial backing to candidates who promise to follow party lines. I for one will not vote for Ms. Rollinger and hopefully more people will look at what is being said in this high charged political year.


Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach


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