Kelp, Frustration Mounts


Two weeks ago I emailed a letter to each council member regarding budget allocations, what money is and isn’t appropriated for things like sidewalk maintenance, flood prevention, and something that’s been gnawing at me for over two months now – the two humongous mountains of kelp the city has piled up at the north end of Main Beach.

Ms. Pearson emailed me a three-word reply. Rollinger, Iseman, and Boyd didn’t even bother to reply, and after an initial ‘politik-speak’ reply from Egly and a follow up from me, I received the following reply:


“Reasons for kelp build up: The kelp is periodically piled up to improve the appearance of the rest of the beach.  The piles usually wash out to sea at some point during high tide.  There are times when there is so much kelp that it has to be hauled away but those instances are usually limited to extreme amounts of kelp and key holidays.  Hauling kelp is very expensive.

Best, Jane”


So what about “the appearance” of the north end? For “the piles to wash out to sea” we’d need a major multi-day red flag event, and even then it would all end up back on the beach! What about taking into consideration the residents of Laguna, and not just our visitors on key holidays? How ’bout less attention on appearances and more focus on substance?

These are typical of the responses (or lack thereof) that I’ve received in the past when making inquiries to the Council, and is indicative of their overall attitude toward anyone  or anything they don’t perceive as worthy of their attention.

None of them will receive my vote. Nor will Mr. Dicterow, as I have very firm recollections of observing his arrogant attitude toward the public during council meetings, and judging by his recent publicity, it doesn’t seem he’s changed.

It’s time to cease blowing hot air and wasting time and money on issues that either can’t realistically be resolved (like parking, face it), or that amount to buying fancy furnishings for the house while not bothering to mow the lawn.


Kurt Mahoney, Laguna Beach

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