Lack of Fairness in Parcel Tax Initiative


What?  Am I understanding this correctly? The petitions for the purchase of remaining parcels of open space could be signed by any registered voter.  Is this correct?  Once enough required signatures are accomplished this process would move forward.  Seems logical to me.


However, the folks who actually will be paying for this will be property owners only, right?  Something is drastically wrong with this picture! How do those who do not own property manage to vote for this? They have absolutely no skin in the gave whatsoever! The only folks who should have any determination as to the acquisitions of these remaining parcels are the folks who will be paying for them and absolutely no one else.


This must be changed! This method of taxation must be stopped unless registered voters who do not own property have some stake in the game. They got to put their money where their vote is.  That’s it!  Simply put.  Only $10 a month…..tell that to Cox Cable, the DMV, sewer tax increase, water rates up every year, all insurance rates up each year.  Add all that together. 


Nah…got to change this procedure how these land acquisitions get on the ballet and who will get to vote.  The way it now exists is totally unfair and abusive. Got to stop it now.


James Gothard, Laguna Beach



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