All League Honors and Beyond, Fall 2012

Compiled by Frank Aronoff

Orange Coast League

Football All-League Players 2012

2012 Varsity League Champion School:  Laguna Beach HS

League MVP:                              Drake Martinez            Laguna Beach HS       12th Grade

Offensive Player of the Year:       Robert Murtha           Estancia HS                  12th Grade

Defensive Player of the Year:      Blake Hester               Laguna Beach HS         12th Grade

Colby Koste       Estancia HS                  12th Grade

Lineman of the Year:                   Spencer Anderson      Laguna Beach HS          12th Grade

Special Teams Player of the Year: Robbie McInerny     Laguna Beach HS          12th Grade


First Team All League 2012

1)    Robert Clemons                        Laguna Beach HS            12th Grade

2)    Nathan Lancaster                            Laguna Beach HS            11th  Grade

3)    Larry Stewart                                    Laguna Beach HS            12th Grade

4)    Adam Farsheed                             Laguna Beach HS            12th Grade

5)    Steven Harrison                              Laguna Beach HS            12th Grade

6)    Joseph Casey                                               Laguna Beach HS            12th Grade

7)    Delon’Te Haywood                        Estancia HS                        12th Grade

8)    Levi Stillman                            Estancia HS                        12th Grade

9)    Brad Wilson                                    Estancia HS                        12th Grade

10) Ben Beck                                    Estancia HS                        12th Grade

11) Michael Hubbard                              Estancia HS                        10th Grade

12) Salvador Gerevera                  Godinez HS                        12th Grade

13) Raul Silva                                    Godinez HS                        12th Grade

14) Jose O’Campo                         Godinez HS                        12th Grade

15) Jonathan Guadarrama                        Godinez HS                        12th Grade

16) A. McCormick                        Costa Mesa HS            12th Grade

17) N. Jeyarajah                                    Costa Mesa HS            12th Grade

18) O. Crenshaw                                    Costa Mesa HS            11th Grade

19) Richard Valeriano                        Saddleback HS            12th Grade

20) Christian Farias                        Saddleback HS            12th Grade

21) Colin Kearon                                    Calvary Chapel HS            12th Grade

22) Danny Mattero                        Calvary Chapel HS            11th Grade



Tennis: All League

Since the coaches were in agreement that the All League designation would be derived from  the regular season results, every girl who has played in on ethird of ther school’s league matches is therefore eligible for consideration. Please note that Laguna Beach only played nine league matches and not 10 (Saddleback defaulted an entire match).

First Team Singles:

1. Brooke Michaels, Laguna Beach

2. Kira Hamilton, Laguna Beach

3. Bailey Jaeger, Laguna Beach


Second Team Singles:

1. Catherine Debbas, Costa Mesa

2. Nicole Doiron, Laguna Beach (19-0 record, beat Kinley Ohland and Lauren Saito)

3. Kinley Ohland, Estancia (Kinley should be ahead of Jackie Cenan, since she beat Bailey Jaeger)


Candidates for Honorable Mention Singles:

1. Jackie Cenan, Laguna Beach (11-0 record, beat Cindi Flynn, and Crystal Ramerez twice)

2. Cindi Flynn, Calvary Chapel

3. Lauren Saito, Calvary Chapel

4. Crystal Ramerez, Godinez


First Team Doubles:

1. Chloe Mansour and Dominique Willette, Laguna Beach

2. Madeline Loomis and Ashley Shelton, Laguna Beach

3. Katelyn Bo and Sarah Nederlander, Laguna Beach


Second Team Doubles:

1. Natasha Keces and Stephanie Tat, Laguna Beach (Natasha Keces 23-1 record; lost in singles to Kinley Ohland; beat in doubles Won-Milho, Russel, Buonarigo, Gherasim, Popp, and Sampouw) (Stephania Tat 16-0 record; beat in doubles Won-Milho, Russel,  Lara twice, Sirirungvikirai twice, Gherasim, Popp, and Kao)

2. Won-Milho and Russel, Costa Mesa

3. Lara and Sirirungvikirai, Estancia


Candidates for Honorable Mention Doubles:

1. Olivia Morrison and Shawna Yang, Laguna Beach (Olivia Morrison 9-1 record; lost to Won-Milho and Russel; beat Buonarigo, Sampouw, Thomas, and Kao twice) (Shawna Yang 11-1 record; lost to Won-Milho and Russel; beat Buonarigo, Gherasim, Popp, Sampouw, and Kao)

2. Buonarigo and Gherasim, Cavalry Chapel

3. Popp and Sampouw, Calvary Chapel

4. Thomas and Kao, Estancia


Orange Cost League Girls Golf Tournament

Played at Costa Mesa Golf Course –Mesa Linda Par 70 10/15/12

First Team All league

Natalie Mattison 11th – Calvary 82

Cassie Stevenson 12th – Estancia 85

Jacqueline McMahon 11th – Laguna 90

Naomi Beth 10th – Estancia 93

Mary Kate Quellmalz 10th – Laguna 100

Jackie Tanner 12th – Estancia 100


Second Team All League

Leslie Dwight 10th – Laguna 102

Morgan Wickett 9th – Calvary 104

Judy Gonzalez 11th – Estancia 105

Eliza Cottrell 12th – Calvary 107

Jennifer Torres 11th – Estancia 113

Denise Casillas 11th – Estancia 114



2012 Orange Coast League, Boys Water Polo All-League Selection

 MVP:            Riley Thomas (12)            Laguna Beach

 First Team

School                                                      Player                                                      Yr

Laguna Beach                        Caleb Scott                        12

Laguna Beach                        Jack Dodson                        10

Laguna Beach                        Camron Hauer                        12

Costa Mesa                        James Rydjeska            10

Costa Mesa                        Quinn Stone                        12

Costa Mesa                        Wyatt Ferris                        12

Godinez                        Alex Han                        12

Godinez                        Brian Florido                        12

Saddleback                        Diego Lupercio            11

Sage Hill                        Arya Nakhjavani            11


Second Team

School                                                      Player                                                                        Yr

Laguna Beach                        Maxx McCarter                        12

Laguna Beach                        Duncan Lynde                                    12

Costa Mesa                        Nick Lewis                                    10

Costa Mesa                        Deighton Tachiki-Urias            10

Godinez                        Cirenio            Gonzalez                        11

Godinez                        Marlon Aguilar                        12

Saddleback                        Anthony Gonzalez                        11

Saddleback                        Austin Phillips                                    11

Sage Hill                        Ryan Sung                                    11

Estancia                        Garet Henscheid                        12



Boys Cross-Country 2012 League Champions:  Godinez

Male Runner of the Year:  Jose Penaloza – 12th Grader – Godinez

2012 Orange Coast League Boys Cross-Country All League Team

1.  Miguel Gurrola                        12th Grader            Saddleback

2.  Michael Martinez                        12th Grader            Godinez

3.  Dakota Alford                        12th Grader            Costa Mesa

4.  Jesus Garcia                        12th Grader            Godinez

5.  Brett Bermudez                        11th Grader            Costa Mesa

6.  Casiano Koprowski            11th Grader            Laguna Beach

7.  Grant Barton                        10th Grader            Laguna Beach

8.  Jesus Valdez                        12th Grader            Godinez

9.  Mario Ramirez                        12th Grader            Saddleback

10.  Jorge Jeronimo                        12th Grader            Costa Mesa


Girls Cross-Country 2012 League Champions:  Laguna Beach

Female Runner of the Year:  Bethany Riley– 11th Grader – Calvary Chapel

2012 Orange Coast League Girls Cross-Country All League Team

1.  Eliza Romero                        11th Grader            Laguna Beach

2.  Emily Scott                        11th Grader            Calvary Chapel

3.  Guadalupe Maldonado            11th Grader            Godinez

4.  Rosalinda Pineda                        9th Grader            Godinez

5.  Brenna Merchant                        10th Grader            Laguna Beach

6.  Carlee Ressler                        10th Grader            Laguna Beach

7.  Natalie Kimball                        10th Grader            Laguna Beach

8.  Angie Gomez                        12th Grader            Godinez

9.  Selina Pineda                        11th Grader            Godinez

10.  Jaylynn Vega                        10th Grader            Godinez


Cross Country: All League teams will consist of the top ten boys’ and the top ten girls’ varsity runners at league finals. The boys’ and girls’ varsity winner of the league meet will be recognized as league varsity runner of the year.



2012 Orange Coast League Girls Volleyball: All League Teams

MVP = Laguna Beach, Alyse Ford – OH, 10th grade

First Team:

Laguna Beach Sevana Dvorak – Setter 12
Laguna Beach Julia Goggin – OH 12
Laguna Beach Alexx Murphy – MB 12
Estancia Emma Griffith – MB 9
Estancia Abby Griffith – OH 11
Calvary Chapel Kobi Pekich – OH 12
Calvary Chapel Kaitlin Estes –OH 11
Costa Mesa Molly Settles –OH 12
Saddleback Janella Espiritu –LIB 12
Godinez Viridiana Serrano – OH 11

Second Team:

Laguna Beach Samantha Harting – MB 12
Laguna Beach Sabrina Stillwell – OH 10
Laguna Beach Frances Holte – LIB 10
Estancia Charlotte Gaitan – LIB 12
Estancia Ilene Umansky – Setter 12
Calvary Chapel Kimberlee Estes – MB 11
Calvary Chapel Darla Misiuk – Setter 10
Costa Mesa Alexandra Martin – MB 12
Saddleback Maricarmen Chavez –MB 12
Godinez Lourdes Paniagua –OPP 12

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