Learning ABC’s of Common Core Standards

Consultant Charlotte Knox who has trained teachers for LBUSD works with parents.

Consultant Charlotte Knox who has trained teachers for LBUSD works with parents.

Parents can learn about the school district’s efforts to integrate Common Core State Standards into the classroom in a program Wednesday, Jan. 29, in the high school’s library.

The 6-7:30 p.m. session will focus on the importance of writing in all subjects and how to support students in the writing process.

These standards are intended to help prepare students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in college and careers. Full implementation is expected beginning next fall.

“For our first parent education session, we look forward to sharing some of the shifts that our teachers will be making as they transition to the Common Core State Standards,” said Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services Darlene Messinger. “Our presenter, Charlotte Knox, will demonstrate the significance of helping our students to be strong communicators through reading, writing, and speaking. Our teachers will be focused more heavily on non-fiction writing, as we know that the ability to write is an important skill our students will need in order to be college and career ready. Writing starts in kindergarten through shared writing where the teacher models the process, and progresses all the way through 12th grade at which time our students will be highly skilled writers.”

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