Let Residents Guide Entrance Decision


My husband and I have been residents of Laguna Beach since 1967 and home owners since 1969. We have participated in many community events and protests over the years, and I have spoken for and against many issues at the council meetings.  I am amazed and saddened at the present stance of the City Council members that they “know best.” Sad.

When asked if I favored a village entrance, I would always  say, “Yes, even  a sign would be nice on Laguna Canyon Road.” However, only recently did I hear of the shocking price tag and the mention that the village entrance would be a parking structure. A small park and large parking structure shouldn’t be a village entrance.

Frankly, I am appalled that the residents are not able to vote on the project and the price tag. The council needs to let the residents guide them by letting the people vote.

Karen Dennis, Laguna Beach


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