Local Entrepreneur Finds a New Crusade

Local resident JP Ruiz and his business inspiration, Beau.

Local resident JP Ruiz and his business inspiration, Beau.

By Donna Furey, Special to the Independent 

Finding a full bag of unopened kibble in his home after he returned from an absence puzzled Jeff Jones. He quizzed his Laguna Beach neighbor JP Ruiz, who stood in as a pet sitter for Anna, his dog,

What did Anna get by on? “Squash, beef, chicken, cranberries, vegetables, the same thing I feed my dogs,” Ruiz said.

Anna seemed so content Jones asked to purchase the concoctions for his other two dogs, one of whom was overweight, had allergies and had been prescribed steroids. In a short time Ranger dropped 20 pounds and was allergy free. Jones acknowledges that exercise aided Ranger’s weight loss.

“We just never looked back,” said Jones, “they absolutely love the food.” Another neighbor, Lauren Perry is also championing the food; her 13-year-old chocolate English Labrador Bear has been eating Beaus to Go food for the past month. “She has more energy, her joints seem to have more mobility, she’s already lost a few pounds, and her [other health problems] seem to be bothering her less,” said Perry.

Jean Pierre “JP” Ruiz, who last year founded Eco Star Health, an online retailer promoting articles and videos on health-related matters, is switching his focus to Beau’s to Go, his line of human-grade pet foods made with organic ingredients delivered frozen to a customer’s door.

“They [my neighbors] really encouraged me to go into business doing this and, after much debating the pros and cons, I took the plunge, ” said Ruiz. Each meal and treat, which range in cost from $2.45 to $3.15 per serving, is made from products sourced locally or in the United States, is processed in Laguna and is free of GMOs, flavoring, coloring and preservatives.

Ruiz is not alone. There are several direct competitors, including Newport Beach’s Just Food For Dogs, offering similar “human-grade” pet foods made from USDA approved meats, including grass fed, pasture raised and cage free sources, Ruiz said. “It’s really more than just about making money. Though all business must make a profit to stay in business, it’s really about changing the world one four-legged companion at a time.”  He plans to add a cat food line in the future.

What sets Beau’s to Go apart, Ruiz believes, is his community bent. He plans to offer links on his web site to pet-sitters, animal chiropractors, trainers and groomers. The site offers consultations with Dr. Cathy Alinovi, a holistic veterinarian and author, who is a member of the company’s advisory board. Dr. Alinovi will even devise a special diet for a pet recovering from surgery or suffering from diabetes or cancer, he said.

“I’m quite passionate about this. It’s more than just a passion; it’s like a crusade,” Ruiz said. His website: www.beaustogo.com


Local Decorator to Open Design Studio

Nicole Smith, local interior designer and graduate of The Parsons School of Design,  realizes her dream of creating a beautiful space for her clients by opening Cosmopolitan Home, 2894 S. Coast Highway.

The design studio and retail shop will carry casual elegant furniture, objects for the home, unique art, and custom lighting. She will be catering to the client who is looking to create a space that is comfortable, timeless and memorable.

The studio is scheduled to open mid-February. More info: (978) 472-6313.


Juice Bar Squeezes Into Laguna

1 startups St.Clair_Keynon_GroupShot

Ritual Wellness’ co-founders Marra St. Clair, left, and Lori Kenyon Farley.

Ritual Wellness will open their third Juicebox store in Laguna Beach later this month at 1100 S. Coast Highway.

Juicebox will offer 22 varieties of certified organic, cold pressed juice, which customers can use to make their own smoothies. Prices range from $4 to $14.

The company also opened shops last year in Costa Mesa’s Camp and on East Coast Highway in Corona del Mar. Co-founders Marra St. Clair and Lori Kenyon Farley are the authors of “The Juice Cleanse Reset Diet.”

Inventory will also include detox items, herbal teas, books, natural supplements and a selection of raw snacks. FoodsAlso, foods  from Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop, a Costa Mesa restaurant will be available.



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