No-confidence Vote in the Status Quo


My family and I recently chose to move from a small town to Laguna Beach because of its progressive ideology and idealistic weather. The schools here are also an important factor to us and I have been following the school board election with interest.

The current school board members running for re-election in Laguna Beach act as if they are entitled to their positions and are exasperated at the idea of being challenged. I have attended both forums with the four Laguna Beach school board candidates and this is what I have noticed:

The incumbent Bill Landsiedel actually accused the forum of being an “inquisition” of him, as if the community has no right to ask questions.  At the Unitarian Church forum, he was asked to “just be honest with the nice people” and he nearly backhanded the candidate seated next to him.  n older gentleman who was clearly disturbed by Bill’s statement jumped from his chair and declared him a liar.  Is this the example we want for our education system?

A question surfaced about the principal at Thurston misusing her power to shut down the voice of a student who was writing a blog about school lunches. The student’s parents removed him from the district to which Jan Vickers commented he is being better served at a school that allows him to explore his love of food.  I found the statement extremely sarcastic and lacking professionalism.

A topic surrounding the hiring of teachers came up and Bill indicated hiring the “cream of the crop” in Laguna.  Curiously, I asked around about the process of hiring teachers.  Apparently there is one person in the district responsible for sifting through a 1,000 applications to determine the top 20 candidates.  Please tell me this is not the process?

The ridiculous venom the sitting school board members are spitting at the two challengers is divisive, transparent and unprofessional.

The challenger Tammy Keces is engaged and credible.  Dee Perry comes across as honest and genuine.  These candidates represent positive leadership versus a system of “status quo” and bureaucracy.

Our school board is simply too important since it determines the education we provide for our children and their future.  I believe Tammy should be elected so our community can prosper by providing true leadership.


Tricia Wilson, Laguna Beach

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