A Noble Cause in Wolf’s Clothing


I am a longtime resident and artist living in the canyon. I know how hard it is for artists to find housing let alone work space in this artist colony. The canyon has always been home to many artist because of its affordability and creative spirit.  But I cannot support this so called artist live/work project that is purpose for the Longi property. In reality it only has eight affordable units and for that small number the Planning Commission was willing to set aside the neighborhood’s specific plan.

The reasoning of the developers was that less than 30 units didn’t pencil out. My question is, since when has our city become more concerned about a developer’s bottom line than enforcing a neighborhood’s specific plan? That’s really scary!

Visualize this…30 units, (eight affordable) 36 feet high, (that’s three stories, folks) 250 feet long and 18,000 sq. ft., not to mention parking for 47 cars!  Oh yes, let’s not forget the lighting that this structure will require and it’s effect on the Canyon Road and the adjacent neighbors.

Now does that sound like something that belongs in this rustic and charming area?  I think not.

Regumbah Connolly, Laguna Beach

The author lives in Sarah Thurston Park.


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