An Open Letter to Elizabeth


A few weeks ago, I wrote a column “Speaker’s Corner,”  entitled  “Will Council Lead?” (Aug. 29)

The headline of this letter is “An Open Letter to Elizabeth.”

There are certain people in Laguna Beach with iconic status such that one name is sufficient to fully identify them: Kelly, Toni, Elizabeth. They have earned iconic status by their deeds, accomplishments, and contributions to the city over many years.

But this letter is only to Elizabeth. My previous column asked: “Will Council Lead?” Now, I realize that only Elizabeth can lead the city away from this frenzied fervor over the village entrance project. So now to Elizabeth:


You are the mayor pro tem and next-to-be mayor of this city and all its people. They are in turmoil over the village entrance project.

This project is one that you have championed over the years. I admire your fierce tenacity in holding to your position and promise of many years ago. I also know you as a pragmatist. The posters, parties, and parades have had an effect in whipping up the opponents of the project. I can envision an unruly mob-like scene at City Hall on Oct. 1. I would like to appeal to the adults in the room, but it doesn’t matter what I say; it matters what you say before the meeting. There should be no need for the public to vote now. The project is as  “squishy” now as it was when the Council voted on it in the first place.

There is life after Oct. 1. It is imperative that we leave the meeting without a winner and without a loser. Wisdom must prevail; wisdom must be the winner.

There must be compromise. I call upon you to rise to the highest level of statesmanship, and put forward a revised program with transparency, checks and balances, and opportunities to change and modify.

The next date for publication of the Indy is Sept. 20. Letters to the Editor must be submitted by Tuesday, Sept. 17. Your letter will be prominently displayed. Please do not disappoint me.

Allan Simon, Laguna Beach

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