Other Greener Solutions to Parking


I have lived in Laguna Beach since 1965.  Driving into Laguna via Laguna Canyon Road has always been beautiful. I strongly feel that erecting a huge parking structure which will, most of the year, be unused, will make that entrance to Laguna far less aesthetically attractive.

Except for the peak demand in summer, I have found that there is always a parking place available in the current city lot. This, to me, indicates that there is no need for this very expensive white elephant.  The huge amount of money needed for this project can and should be used for other much more useful projects.

Alternative parking spaces exist elsewhere in Laguna.  Encouraging their use would expose tourists to business services and shops beyond the downtown area. In the canyon, parking sites more distant and combined with shuttle service can be further encouraged. Expanding the free shuttle service would be far more practical and useful for Laguna residents,  and would be a much better and “greener” approach to the issues.

We fought very hard to keep the toll road from impinging on the canyon entrance beauty… and lost. I and many others don’t want this very costly and unattractive village entrance proposal to be implemented.

I definitely think the residents of Laguna deserve the opportunity to vote on this issue before it is too late.

Lorna Shaw, Laguna Beach


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