Parking Garage Belongs at Existing Lot


It has been very amusing to read letters from the proponents of the parking structure when they use descriptive words and phrases such as “visionary” “new” and describe opponents as “fearful.”

Many cities around the world are seeking genuinely new, exciting, visionary and creative solutions to address automobile traffic and parking issues and I am saddened that the best we can come up with is outdated, 1960’s era thinking and pass it off as forward looking.

If Laguna votes to build such a concrete dinosaur, which will be used merely 2.5 months a year, then at least it ought to be built in ACT V. That, along with improved tram/trolley service, an improved walking corridor and new landscaping around the existing parking lot and village entrance might get tourists out of their cars, solve some parking and traffic problems and definitely, look better.

Mark and Cheryl Michelon, Laguna Beach

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