Podiatrist Offers High-Tech Toenail Remedy

Mission Hospital Laguna Beach-based Dr. David Sabet is now offering a high-tech laser treatment for fungus-affected toenails that have changed color, lifted or become thick.



“I have developed a method for banishing fungus from toenails using an FDA approved, state-of-the art laser,” Sabet said in a statement. “My patients have been very satisfied with the results. Most people can be treated in one visit and will see results in three to six months. The laser eradicates the fungus from the affected nails in a way that topical medications cannot accomplish and without the potential risks of oral medication.”


“The first step includes thinning the nails so they are more accessible to treatment. The second step,” said Dr. Sabet  “is the actual lasering of each toenail. Finally a topical medication is used for several months to keep the nail healthy and fungus free.”


Laser treatment is typically not covered by insurance and the cost is $750 to $950 depending on the severity of infection.


Sabet has been practicing in Laguna Beach and Laguna Hills since 1981. His website is  www.footdr.com and his Laguna Beach office may be reached at:   949/499-4534 or [email protected]ootdr.com.

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