Police Chief Resignation Presents Opportunity


The front page story about Chief Workman’s departure was yet another surprise for the public from City Hall. We recently wrote to the city manager after hearing rumors he would retire, and suggested it would be important for the city to host an in-depth workshop to hear from the public about police-community relations issues that people would like the city to consider in developing a profile for their search to replace the chief.

The city manager advised me the chief was not planning to retire, so obviously the situation has changed unexpectedly for the city. In any event, the need to conduct a search for a new chief provides a fortuitous opportunity to hear from citizens on want they want to see stay the same and what they want to see changed about LBPD operations, procedures and practices. This can produce information and insights that should be considered by the city manager and the City Council in defining the characteristics of a successful chief in the future.

Howard Hills, Laguna Beach

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