Portal to Paradise: the ET’s Among Us

In the world of UFO’s and earthly visits by extraterrestrials, Laguna is a vortex of galactic energy with  Aliso Canyon a particularly strong conveyance of converging dynamics, according to information presented during an other-worldly conference held last weekend at the Aliso Creek Inn.

It wasn’t Comic Con, far from it.  There were no bug-eyed, pot-bellied and big-headed green meanies, three-breasted wonder women or lumbering Chewbaccas meandering in the halls.  It was a group of about 90 normally dressed and groomed adults with thoughtful comments about living in universal peace, but with a more subtle outer-space twist.

All were on the same mission, to bring a lighter, more positive and constructive approach to living on this planet.  Some came from as far away as Germany and Sweden to advance this “new paradigm” approach of cooperative and joyful living as the portentous winter equinox and end of the Mayan calendar date of Dec. 21, 2012, draws nearer.

Other, more orthodox academic types, like Chapman University professor Paul Apodaca, think the end of the Mayan calendar is just that, the end of their calendar, and not the end of the world as we know it, or even a shift in perspective, necessarily.

“The different cultures will simply move into a different aspect of the counting of days on their calendars,” said Apodaca, a professor of American Studies.  “It’s a completely and only a practical matter.”

The misinterpretation of the calendar to mean more than it does, said Apodaca, is because Christianity’s domination over Western thought has created a linear approach to time, heading from a beginning to an end.  Other cultures, he said, designed their calendars more cyclically, albeit just as practically.

“In those different cultures, they might practice some astrology or symbolism, but none of them are in agreement with each other,” he said.

The seemingly auspicious date, considered significant in many traditions and cultures including Buddhist, Taoist, Vedic and Hopi, relates to the sun’s 26,000-year rotation aligning with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy and the arrival of what some have deemed a new golden age, known as the Age of Aquarius.

Aliso Canyon, it seems, produces an abundance of positive energy, claims local Lagunan and organizer of the Portal 2012 Conference, Rob Potter.  A portal, he explained, is an opening, as in invitation, to step into living at a higher, i.e., more loving, vibration.

And it’s really nothing new to Laguna. This is a land renown for attracting spiritual practitioners, experimental and otherwise, of healing crystals, energy pyramids, chakra-alignment, meditation and mantra chanting. Potter, to no surprise, had his first ET experience right here in Arch Beach Heights in 1977 at the home of the late Fred Bell, Ph.D.  Bell, an inventor, naturopath and environmentalist, wrote “The Promise,” a semi-fictional account of his and Potter’s experiences, and the metaphysical classic “Rays of Truth and Crystals of Light.”

Potter’s carried Bell’s torch of planet liberation, worn a gold-plated pyramid on his head or carried it in his car for energy purification and protection, like a true Bell-believer and warrior for the light, ever since.

“How can you have a big ego and wear one of these,” Potter quipped with the audience, pyramid askew.  Potter is also constructing a website he’s calling thepromiserevealed.com.

Reported UFO sightings date back as far as 74 B.C. in Turkey and to 1942 in this country. Blockbuster movies, best-selling books and smash TV shows draw their plots from the creative elaboration of life from outer space.  But, according to this conference, the ET’s on board are living and breathing among us, are mostly friendly and busy undoing the damage that humans have wrecked on the earth and each other.

The extraterrestrials are currently working incognito, helping reset what many see as the downward spiral of natural resource destruction, world financial uncertainty, militaristic control and personal health degradation and, worst-case scenario, extinction.  But doom and gloom was not the theme.

“This is a conference about the victory of the light,” according to the keynote speaker, who writes a blog on the subject at 2012portal.blogspot.com and is referred to only as Cobra. The moniker is an acronym, according to the literature, meaning compression breakthrough. The idea, according to an interpretation of the Mayan calendar, is that the Earth is compressed in a sandwich of light that will permeate all shadows and negativity as the equinox approaches.

Despite other takes on the date, no Armageddon is in sight, Cobra assured the attentive crowd.  The “shift” in internal consciousness and more outward equanimity and harmony is happening now, gently, slowly and often behind the scenes, he said.

“I’ve never been so excited about what’s to come,” said Roy Thompson, who traveled from Montana with his 15-year-old son, Leroy, to attend the Portal 2012 event. “The controlling forces on the planet right now, the dark side of things as opposed to the light side of things, when those forces are taken out of power, everything on Earth is going to change.  It’s going to change drastically in a good way.”

Living in paradise on this planet is the desired goal of the self-described light-workers movement.  “We are going to experience life without shadows, joy without suffering, health without illness, eternal happiness in paradise,” said Cobra.  “That is a natural state of consciousness.  It is something we have almost forgotten but something we are all searching for one way or another in our lives.

“The time to rely on external sources has passed,” he continued.  “One of the main lessons of this year is the lesson of discernment.  Rely on yourself, your own inner guidance, your own intuition about what to do.  Nobody’s going to tell you…, you will have to know what to do in this time of change.”

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  1. Eileen Jewett

    I loved this article, the first time I visited Laguna Beach I drove through the canyon & arrived at Main Beach. I could feel the energy it was amazing,it is very difficult to explain to someone. They look at you like your crazy. There is something very special in Laguna Beach, but don’t tell anyone else. Or everyone will want to move there& ruin it’s special charm of an artist village by the Sea.

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