Questioning a Designer’s Judgment


I write this is to comment on the story about the House of Design fundraiser for the Philharmonic Society and the designer of the master bedroom – Veldhuis (“Local Designers Add Their Mark to House of Design,” May 17 edition). The throw on the bed and the pillows were made of real fox fur, a bench in the master bath was covered in a real zebra skin and two chairs by the fireplace were upholstered in leather from another “wild” animal.

I was aghast, as were many other people who have attended this event that such materials were used.  This only emphasizes the lack of sensitivity and the lack of awareness about the senseless killing of animals just so that someone can flaunt their wealth or satisfy a whim or emphasize master of the house syndrome. Daily there are articles about how wild animals are disappearing, whether due to diminishing habitat or purposeful killing. Good examples of this are elephants for their tusks, rhinoceroses for their supposed medicinal properties and, well, you the reader can cite more. Ironically just last week an article pointed out how some Chinese were altering the physical appearances of fox, mink, rat and other flesh to make it look like lamb and selling to their own people.

I don’t understand this need to kill for such trivial purposes. The bobcat, native to Joshua Tree, are being caught in traps legally; their pelts were fetching $50 now they have skyrocketed to over $700 a pelt and are being sent overseas. Efforts to stop this has been tabled. These are extraordinary animals, as are all those that are being hunted worldwide. When will this madness end?


Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach

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