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I am writing as a very concerned 45-year resident of this amazing special community.

I have worked behind the scenes for so many years to make a difference for many in this community and when asked years ago to run for public office I now know why I said, “No, thank you”.

I worked with the Junior Woman’s Club, was on every school PTA board, chaired “Fun Friday” for one year at TOW, March of Dimes City Mother’s chairperson, first president of the Jewish Community Center of O.C., Meal on Wheels, Make a Wish Foundation, administrative nursing supervisor at South Coast Medical Center, brought healthcare professionals to the schools to teach, share and sign up children for emergency care, worked at the free clinic, The Assistance League, and therefore was fortunate to see the best of who we are as a compassionate, caring community.

This recent local election has been disturbing and alarming to me to see “up close and personal” bad behavior, unethical practices, insecurity, dishonesty of one incumbent candidate. Totally fabricated untruths about the challenges, positions and intentions of running for LBSB.

Is it okay for 18 signs to have been stolen or removed from private homes, business and public property?

One resident received a call to remove the challengers sign from his property where this incumbent’s sign was posted.

One supporter of this person sent her husband over to a senior citizen’s home who had a challenger’s sign to ask for it to be removed and then asked “could you please put up the incumbent’s sign?”. Thankfully, the resident said “no”! Is this common practice that we accept here? I think not.

LB Police says that removing sings from private property is “theft and trespassing”. Who do we want for our role models in this community? How much longer are we going to allow for unethical people to manipulate the system? Will citizens fact check on their own when media reports of misinformation by one incumbent?

Dishonest politics, money plus power equals no positive change in Laguna. We should always welcome positive, experienced and proven leadership  for change and growth for our children’s benefit.

Ellen Vinograd, Laguna Beach



Editor’s Note: The writer is the mother of school board challenger Tammy Keces.

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